The Conant House c1782


Aerial Photo from Milford NH postcard. 1886

The purpose of this blog is to document history as it relates to 354 Nashua St, Milford, NH AKA The Conant House c1782.  I’ve had a couple months to do some digging and want to share everything…it will be listed for sale in just a few short weeks.  So I better get started.

A little history: we are talking about a house located in Milford, NH, but Milford was not at town until 1794.  The United States of America was born in 1776. The town of Amherst, NH was incorporated in 1760.  The province of Dunstable, MA was formed in 1630 and the Mayflower landed 1620.  So how does this house fit in?

2017-02-28 12.39.37The location was considered the province of Dunstable, Massachusetts before the house was built, and records indicate it was built in 1782.  That was Amherst at the time.

Benjamin Conant is considered to be the owner who built the house.  We also know that the second floor of the house is older than the first floor.  So did Benjamin build a cape cod style dwelling?

I’ve found so much information, much misinformation, and then come across a reliable source that leads me to believe I’ve found the answer.  Still, I have so many questions.

-That’s it for today’s thoughts.


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