Who is Sir Roger Conant?

Sorry about this, but I’m just throwing all the info I have up here for now…

According to The History of Milford Vol. 1 by George A. Ramsdell, the line from Benjamin Conant goes back something like this:

  1. Benjamin Conant 1752-1828

    Benjamin Conant comp Gravestone

    Benjamin Conant 1752 – 5/28/1828

  2. Josiah Conant 1724-1770
  3. Robert Conant 1699-1773
  4. Lot Conant 1679-1767
  5. John Conant 1652-1724
  6. Lot Conant 1624-1674
  7. ROGER CONANT ? Ancestor who immigrated to  America.
  8. Richard Conant
  9. John Conant

A couple notes.  King Phillip’s War “Indian War” 1675-1677
The Narragansett Soldiers where given land grants to many areas of Dunstable, MA.  Remember, Dunstable MA consisted of about 14 New Hampshire towns!  I’ll come back to this in a later post.

So who was Roger Conant?  Other than the Conant decedent to emigrate to America, he was also one of the original settlers of Salem, MA and “Governor” of the Cape Ann Colony and as well as Salem.

CONANT, Roger 10



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