Home with Attached Office Space- Zoning

Nashua Elm Street Corridor Overlay

Nashua Elm Street Corridor Overlay (click for larger image)

This property, the Conant House, is unique in many ways…the zoning allows for many uses.  It’s zoned residential, but located in a special district called the “Nashua and Elm St. Corridor Overlay District.”  The last few owners: medical clinic (Balance Point), veterinary clinic (Classic Cat), and before that it was known as  Victoria Place…an inn.   Do you want your office next door?

One of the big advantages being zoned residential is you “should” be able to get a standard residential mortgage.  Commercial vs Residential Loan

The clinic is separate from the main home…it’s located in the barn, has direct access to the house, but a separate parking lot and entrance.  More about the main house.

I’m trying a give potential buyers information to help guide their decision…here’s the link to the Milford Zoning Regulations.  You’ll need to do you’re own due diligence, I recommend talking to the great folks over at Milford Town hall to gauge if your desired “use” is allowed, and what process you need to go through.

Milford Zoning Regulations:
Full Zoning Ordinance Page 64 talks about the overlay district.
Residence “A” District

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Just my thoughts. -Jenn


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