Souhegan West a Part of Amherst NH | Now Milford, NH

Benjamin Conant was one of the taxpayers on the 1794 rosters in Milford, he is listed as one of the original members of the Congregational Church in Milford, and in Amherst’s historical documents.  He’s a man of early Milford, NH.

This site is for the future owner of 354 Nashua St, to help with their own research into the history of the Conant House, c1782.  From what I gather many towns where formed based on their church parish, and the travel distance to church.  You’ll find in historical documents that a key factor in forming Milford was that the occupants of Souhegan West wanted a closer parish.


Back when Britain Ruled the Colonies- Milford wasn’t in existence during the Revolution.

On May 30, 1860, Amherst, to whom we were once wedded and from whom we were long ago divorced, celebrated its centennial.

Another great resource about the history of Souhegan West (Amherst-Milford) is the “Historical Discourse delivered at Amherst, NH on the 100th Anniversary of the town in 1874.”  by The Pastor, J.G. Davis. (there are many links on this discourse, this one seems to categorize the name Conant nicely).

Page 6 and 7 are interesting in the formation of townships by the British.

Page 109 lists the persons located in the South-West Parish, of which Benjamin is noted.

Page 118 discusses those who placed bids to do the work on the church and paragragh 3 mentions Benjamin Conant as part of the committee to “get the work done” in building the church.

History section on Milford: History of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire Philadelphia: J.W. Lewis & Co., 1885

Yes, Milford was part of Dunstable, MA.

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