Milford- The Perfect New England Town!

While the Conant House has history, much more to be discovered I’m sure, the town of Milford has it too!  Milford is the granite town in the granite state for a reason…30 columns at the Treasury Building in Washington DC are from right here in Milford.

This property is close to the Milford Oval…restaurants, quaint stores, the Union Coffee House, historical town hall, and parks.

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Community events happen throughout the year.  One of my favorites is the Pumpkin festival sponsored by the Milford Improvement Team.  They also hold events such as “A Taste of Milford” where you sample delicious local made food.  The town also has the Amato Center for the Performing Arts,

The recreation department hosts swimming lessons at the town pool, summer concerts at Emerson Park, go for a hike into history at Monson Village, or choose to any of the other many hiking spots in town.

This town is a community, perfect place to raise a family!


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